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Here at Helms Brothers, we take our time while painting vehicles.  We tear down every part and paint it correctly. Every vehicle comes with a paint code. We also have a neat little machine to read the paint codes on every vehicle. 

Causes of Color Variations On Bumpers:
1.  A color can vary depending on the surface on which it is painted. For example, the evaporation rate for solvent varies over metal or plastic. A longer rate gives a flake pigment additional time to "float" and can darken the face of the color. 
2. The body was painted on a production line at the factory, while other parts, such as the bumper and trim, were painted at another location using a different application method. 
3. Slight adjustments can be made during application creating a lighter or darker color, or causing the metallics or mica elements to lay down differently.
4. Light reflects differently on curved and flat surfaces causing the appearance of a color shift.

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